FBI launching campaign to cut down on border patrol corruption

San Ysidro, CA — The Federal Bureau of Investigation is launching a new campaign to report corruption on the border.  It’s become an alarming concern for the United States.  The men and women who wear the border patrol uniform are our first line of defense.

Everyday there are drugs, weapons and people smuggled illegally into the U.S.  The Border Patrol’s mission is to stop it.  And a lot of it happens right here at the busiest border crossing in the world.  Some of it involves our own agents.

Now the FBI is taking a proactive stance in protecting our nation’s borders.  Special agent Brett Fenoglio says, “Public corruption is a serious problem to the United States to our National Security.”  Special Agent Fenoglio says soon you’ll see posters and flyers at border crossings, asking you not to turn a blind eye. “The Public Corruption Unit at FBI Headquborder-patrolarters is rolling out a border corruption public awareness campaign.  We’re trying to get the message out there to the public through all of our social media platforms, website, billboards and posters.”

The Bureau even began broadcasting public service announcements on it’s website for the holiday season.

Just two weeks ago, 10-year San Diego Border Patrol veteran Noe Lopez,  was arrested by the FBI.  Special agents say he delivered drug-filled backpacks in exchange for bribes totaling at least $10,000.  “And that,” says Fenoglio, “highlights the problem with border corruption.  Because while drug trafficking and alien smuggling are among the most common problems among border corruption, it really presents a national security threat. You really don’t know what is sneaking in, what is coming in which is why we take such a strong approach to it.

The posters will be visible at the beginning of January.

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