Amos, Scooter & Reese: Wednesday’s Adoption Pet 11/30/16

Name: Amos, Scooter, and Reese
Breed: Cockapoo mixes
Age:     14 weeks old
Sex:     Neutered Males
Organization: San Diego Spaniel Rescue
Phone: 619 922-0545

When Cookie, a black Cockapoo, came into the San Diego Spaniel Rescue, they had no idea she was pregnant, but she had 7 cockapoo-mix pups shortly after joining the foster program. Since they don’t know who or what the daddy was, the puppies were born via C-section, and in honor of their mom, were all given cookie names. Amos, Scooter and Reese are the remaining puppies who haven’t been spoken for yet. Like typical little boys, they love to play, sleep, and then play some more. They’re good snugglers and love to give kisses. They’re pretty much house trained to use a pee-pad and are learning how to use the doggie door in their pen. With continued training and patience, they’ll be wonderful dogs. The foster mom says having a liter of puppies this age is like having curious, 2-year-old toddlers running all over the place and exploring the world. All these puppies will be at the Santa Paws Mega Adoption Event this Saturday at Grossmont Center from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. During those 4 hours, you’ll have a chance to meet hundreds of dogs, and even some cats, from dozens of organizations. If one of these puppies IS what you’re looking for, fill out an app at and head over to their booth on Saturday.

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