Angelica: Thursday’s Adoption Pet 2/21/17

Name:  Angelica

Breed:   Maltese

Age:  9-years-old

Sex:   Spayed Female

Organization:   Maltese & More Rescue

Phone:   858-349-5918



It’s truly amazing how far Angelica has come in just a couple of weeks.  Maltese And More rescue found her at the Hesperia shelter, afraid, withdrawn, and in terrible physical condition.  She’s made an amazing transformation with careful grooming, healthy food, proper vet care, and an abundance of love from her caretakers.  Angelica is a 9-year-old, 7-pound Maltese who is now friendly with everyone she meets.  She’s no longer scared, she enjoys all people, and she gets along with dogs and cats.  Her foster mom has trained her to use a puppy pad while in the house, but she’ll also go outside.  Angelica would love to tag along with you while you’re shopping or out for a Sunday drive. She enjoys going for strolls through the neighborhood and walks very well on a leash.  A word of warning, this sneaky little girl will drink all your coffee when you’re not looking!  A girl after my own heart!  Angelica needs a safe, quiet home of her own, where she can snuggle with her family.  She’s spayed, vaccinated, vet checked and qualifies for the “Senior to Senior” adoption program.  Google Maltese And More and you’ll get right to their website where you can fill out an application!


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