Autumn: Wednesday’s Adoption Pet 2/15/17

Name: Autumn

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Age: 5 years old

Sex: Spayed Female

Organization: The Rescued Dog

Phone: 619-356-3390


Autumn has had a tough start to life, so let’s give her the happy ending she deserves. Autumn was severely neglected. She was adopted as a puppy and immediately relegated to the backyard where she spent all of her time, alone and neglected. For 5 years, she was fed food scraps, and denied vet care. Over time, Autumn developed severe ear infections and diabetes. Thankfully, a good Samaritan recognized Autumn’s dire situation and convinced her owners to relinquish her. It’s hard to believe, given her story, that she’d like people at all, but she seems to adore being with people. She’s happy to go for a nice walk or to snooze by your side.  Autumn is fine with other dogs, though she doesn’t need them around to be happy…humans are her main focus. Autumn is on insulin, but now that she’s a healthy 25-pounds, it’s not clear if she’ll need to continue.  She also has some hip dysplasia but it doesn’t slow her down at all, in fact sometimes she’s very puppy-like. Autumn is a shining example of the resiliency and spirit of dogs. If you’d like to provide Autumn with the happy ending she deserves, please fill out an adoption application at to schedule a meet and greet.


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