Baxter: Friday’s Adoption Pet 03/25/16


Name:  Baxter

Breed:  Holland Lop Rabbit

Age:  5 years old

Sex:  Neutered Male

Organization:  San Diego Companion Rabbit Society, 4807 Mercury St. in Kearny Mesa

Phone: 858-565-2869



Baxter is an adorable 4-pound Holland Lop, given up because he was spraying, marking his territory and not respecting the litter box rules.  The simple fix for that was to neuter him, which the San Diego Companion Rabbit Society did right away.  Now, he’s a super friendly, active bunny who love his toys, flipping over cardboard boxes, eating his salad and then running in circles around his pen.   Baxter would be best with adults, or a family with older children, because he’s not a fan of being picked up, and he’s a bit too squirmy to hold.  Contrary to popular belief, bunnies make awful Easter presents for small children.  They’re intelligent animals that need a lot of social interaction, and since they live 10-to-14 years, they’ll obviously outlive a child’s interest.  Also, they’re considered “exotic animals”, so vet care is much more expensive than a dog or cat.   If you’re thinking about adopting a rabbit as a long-term pet, sign the family up for Bunny 101 classes at the shelter in Kearny Mesa.  You may even want to volunteer as a family, or foster a rabbit temporarily.  Go to for more information!

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