Bernie: Tuesday’s Adoption Pet 1/31/17

Name:   Bernie

Breed:  Shih Tzu/Terrier

Age:  1 1//2 years old

Sex:  Neutered Male

Organization:   Maltese & More Rescue

Phone:   858-349-5918



I’m so pleased to introduce Bernie!   When you look into his sweet loving eyes your heart will melt!  Bernie is a 1.5 years old, 18-pound, Shih Tzu Terrier mix.  Bernie doesn’t shed, he’s fully housebroken, comes when you call, sits when you ask him to, waits to be invited onto the furniture, and he’s polite when you eat.   Bernie loves all people and other submissive dogs, though he’s intimidated by alpha dogs.   Bernie likes to play, but isn’t destructive.  He enjoys morning kisses and cuddling in bed with his foster mom. He waits patiently for her to get ready for work before she leashes him up.  Bernie enjoys several walks a day, and while he’s afraid of being stuck in a crate, he’ll stay in the kitchen behind a gate.  Bernie takes a lot of naps but when he is awake he’s always next to his people. Bernie is ready to be adopted to a family that works part time, works from home, or is enjoying retirement.  For more info, contact Maltese And More Rescue or come to the Cupids And Canines Mega Adoption Event on Sunday February 12th at Grossmont Center mall in La Mesa.


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