The best candidates to help UCSD researchers prevent Alzheimer’s may not even know it

LA JOLLA – Researchers call it a game changer. A new drug could prevent Alzheimer’s disease. That drug is being tested right here in San Diego at University of California, San Diego.

Scientists only need about 10 more patients, but they will screens hundreds to find the right ones. The issue is, the people needed for this study don’t necessarily know they are at risk for Alzheimer’s.

The A4 study is a nationwide clinical trial for healthy adults, between the ages of 65 and 85, who have a plaque build-up on the brain called amyloid. Scientists believe amyloid leads to the eventual development of Alzheimer’s. This study tests a drug scientists believe can slow or even reverse amyloid build-up.

“We think that the biggest opportunity and the biggest effect on slowing progression is to intervene very early, before people have developed symptoms,” explains UC San Diego neurosciences professor, Dr. Douglas Galasko.

Amyloid can build-up on the brain 10 years before it begins to affect memory. Many people don’t know they may be at risk.

Researchers at UC San Diego are asking adults with a family history of Alzheimer’s, or any interest, to take part. The three year study has been underway for two years now. Researchers screened more than 100 people to find their first ten participants. They hope to enroll ten more.  Click on the link, or call UCSD at 858-822-4800.

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