Bianca: Friday’s Adoption Pet 08/12/16

Name: Bianca

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 1 year old

Sex: Spayed Female

Organization:  The Rescue House

Phone: 760-591-1211



Bianca and her one baby were found near the border and brought to Rescue House.  Bianca took her job as Mom very seriously and has been a very doting, loving, and protective mother.  Yet when baby’s asleep…she plays with feathers and fetches her toys!  Sometimes, if she feels you aren’t noticing her, she’ll gently nip your calf and then meow up at you.  Bianca is talkative and has a lot to say. She’ll meow, chirp, pip or call to you if you’re in another room.  She loves people, and will even socialize with guests.  She prefers to have her feet planted on the ground, and gets squirmy if held for to long, which is why Rescue House volunteer, Kris, is holding her for me today.  But she loves to cuddle on the bed, under the covers, or next to you on the couch. She’s more focused on people than she is on other cats.  She might be good company for a male kitty, but mostly she keeps to herself or hangs with her people.  She’s had minimal exposure to dogs and seemed uncomfortable around the one she did meet.  You can meet Bianca and countless other cats and kittens this weekend at the MEGA Cat And Kitten Adoption Fair at the PETsMART off Aero Drive.  It starts at 10 AM both days, and ends at 4 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.  Head to for details!

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