Bock: Friday’s Adoption Pet 06/17/16

Name:  Bock

Breed:  Greyhound

Age:  2 years old

Sex;  Neutered Male

Organization:  Greyhound Adoption Center, 4821 Dehesa Rd in El Cajon

Phone: 1877-HoundSavers



BOCK is a 2-year-old ex-racing greyhound for adoption at the Greyhound Adoption Center.  He was rescued from the Caliente racetrack with an injured foot, and during a routine vet checkup, they discovered Bock is nearly blind.  Somehow this amazing dog managed to race all that time without his condition being detected. He’s acclimated so well to his diminishing eyesight that he even fooled the shelter staff and volunteers.  Normally, Greyhounds are sighthounds, and renowned for having exceptional eyesight.  There’s no treatment for his condition, but it’s not painful.  We hope to find him a loving forever home while he still has some sight, so he can adjust to his surroundings before it’s completely gone. Brok is an ambassador for all the special-needs, visually-impaired dogs in shelters everywhere.  Meet BOCK and 50 other greyhounds this Sunday at the Greyhound Adoption Center’s Open House.  Tour their facility from 1-to-3 PM, on Dehesa Road in El Cajon and visit with volunteers to learn more about greyhound rescue, rehab, adoption, and volunteer opportunities.  Call 877-478-8364, or visit

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