Brady: Thursday’s Adoption Pet 04/14/16

Name:  Brady

Breed:  Great Pyrenees/Anatolian mix

Age:  2 years old

Sex:  Neutered Male

Organization:  Great Pyrenees Association of Southern CA

Phone: 949.244.1000


Is he a Great Pyrenees, an Anatolian Shepherd, or a Lab?  Who knows….but what we can say FOR SURE is that Brady is a super sweet family dog who loves affection.  He gets along great with other dogs, and even tolerates cats.  Brady is a playful 2-year-old, and would make an excellent companion for someone who enjoys running or hiking. He’s initially a bit shy but warms up quickly. His foster family says he does well on a leash, is mindful, well-behaved, and enjoys accompanying them for an afternoon lunch.  He has good house manners and stays off of the furniture, too. Brady is completely housebroken, and not a big barker.  So if having a dog with a great disposition is more important to you than the breed, Brady is your boy.   Please fill out an adoption application at or call Kristen at 949.244.1000 with any questions.  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that this group is desperate for local foster homes, so if you love gentle giants, please offer your support.

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