Bubba: Thursday’s Adoption Pet 3/23/17

Name:  Bubba Pet ID: 23443

Breed:  Boxer/Pit Bull

Age:  5 years old

Sex:  Neutered male

Organization:  El Cajon Animal Shelter

Phone:  (619) 441-1580


You don’t meet a lot of Bubbas these days, but the name just evokes the image of a good ol’ boy…a man’s man…deba friendly guy who’d love to hang out on the couch with you and watch some football and eat nachos.  Well, that’s pretty much Bubba’s personality, too.  This handsome Boxer/Pittie mix is very well-trained and intelligent.  He knows “sit”, “down”, “shake”, and he’s totally housebroken.  His history isn’t a mystery as his owners turned him into the shelter when they moved away.  Now we’re trying to find him the good family he deserves.  Bubba’s about 5 years old…a great age because he’s still so fun, without being overly energetic.  He gets along well with other big dogs, and he’d do best in a family where the kids are a little older and considerate.  He needs a home with a yard, as he LOVES to play fetch. He needs someone to play with him, and a daily walk would be great. Please come visit Bubba at the El Cajon Animal Shelter, 1275 N. Marshall Street.  He acts very unsure when new people stare at him in his kennel, so be sure to ask the staff to take him out into the play yard where you can see the real Bubba.


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