CAF Changes Lives Including CW6’s Very Own Assignment Manager

2,000 grant recipients receive life-changing equipment including CW6's Lindsay Hood.

A grant from the Challenged Athletes Foundation is a game-changer for CW6’s assignment manager, Lindsay Hood. She has a congenital birth defect that has her relying on prosthetics. When she’s not working at CW6, Lindsay is working out. In fact, competitions like obstacle courses, CrossFit, powerlifting, women’s football have all been a major part of Lindsay’s life. But she’s been able to do all of this without a leg made for running. So LIVE on the air during CW6’s morning show, Lindsay learned CAF chose her to be a grant recipient. She found out she was the winner of a life-changing leg thanks to co-founder Bob Babbitt and Danielle McLaughlin. Danielle, a CAF grant recipient who writes a blog called “Cancer Ate My Foot” has been able to run half marathons, bike ride across the state, and take on various challenges thanks to her running blade made specifically for her. Lindsay will now get a leg specifically to fit her needs too, so there’s no telling where it will take her!

CAF will be doling out 2,000 grants thanks to $3-million in donations raised over the past year. Learn about CAF, donate, or register for their next event HERE.


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