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Scientists turn spinach into beating heart tissue

(CW6 SAN DIEGO) – Scientists have built working human heart muscle by taking advantage of the desired traits within spinach. In efforts to repair damaged organs, scientists have tested different ways to grow blood vessels. A previous method used was 3D printing, but has become harder to use. Scientists need a vascular network, because without it, tissue death will occur….

This is how Obamacare affects everyone

Obamacare touches just about everyone. It’s not just for the millions of people who have health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges or Medicaid expansion. Under Obamacare, senior citizens pay less for Medicare coverage and for their prescription drugs. Many people receive free contraceptives, mammograms, colonoscopies and cholesterol tests. And those with pre-existing conditions are no longer turned away. “The ACA…

5 ways to make your allergies worse

Your sneezes, coughs and sniffles may have started sooner than ever before this year thanks to a freakishly warm winter that caused flowers, trees and plants to bloom weeks earlier than expected. That yellow blanket of pollen outside developed faster and thicker this year because of the earlier arrival of those spring-like temps and the early warmth could make for a very long…