Chargers will have a $100 million a year impact on the City of San Diego

SAN DIEGO – Economists say the Chargers move to Los Angeles will leave behind a significant financial impact on our region.

The University of San Diego recently published a report on just how much the Chargers mean to this economy.

Fans of the Chargers are hurting and several are taking those frustrations outside the team’s headquarters.

“I won’t go watch them in L.A., I’m not giving them anymore money,” said one fan.

The University of San Diego estimates the city of San Diego will lose something in the neighborhood of $100 million a year, including the loss of hundreds of jobs.

“We estimated that about 1,600 jobs will be affected. 1,400 directly related to the chargers expenditures and then another 200 in terms of some sort of multiplier type of effect. Those sound like big numbers but if you look at it overall in comparison to the overall san diego economy the job loss is about a tenth of a percent,” said Alan Gin, economics professor, University of San Diego.

The loss of jobs won’t have a big impact on the employment rate, but restaurants and other businesses around the stadium will feel the loss of the chargers the most.

“Certainly, the businesses around the stadium even bars, and restaurants that have Chargers watch party during the football season will certainly see a revenue decline,” said Miro Copic, marketing professor, San Diego State Unviersity.

Experts say San Diego can recoup from the loss depending on what city and county leaders plan to do with Qualcomm stadium.  If San Diego State University takes over the site with a center for research and innovation — it could bring in a lot of money from outside the region and help offset the loss.

“Sad, sad, really sad,” said Chargers fan Raquel Winstead.

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