Chula Vista Police Chief retires

New Police Chief will be the first female to hold the top job

(Chula Vista) Police Chief David Bejarano is retiring from the Chula Vista Police Department. Thursday morning Bejarano’s successor was named and Captain Roxana Kennedy will be the first woman ever to lead the department.

As Chief David Bejarano sits in his now empty office, he’s looking back at a career that started in the San Diego Police Department as a recruit in 1979. He made his way up the ranks, working 2 Super Bowls and the 1996 Republican National Convention but his favorite years were also sbejarano-retiringome of the toughest.

“One of my proudest highlights in San Diego was being part of the swat team,” says Chula Vista Police Chief David Bejarno,, “I was on the SWAT team for four years and that’s what I really loved doing for many years.”

After serving as assistant police chief, in 1999 Bejarano took the top job at SDPD.

“I enjoyed it completely, but there were some difficult days running a major city department,” adds Bejarnao.

Some of those difficulties include high profile murder cases involving children. Bejarano was police chief when 7-year-old Danielle Van Dam was kidnapped from her home and killed by her neighbor. The other case Bejarano clearly remembers happened when he was first appointed as a captain in the department.

“We had a very difficult double homicide involving two young boys, Charles Keever and Jonathan Sellers. It was really difficult for me on the personal and professional level,” says the Chula Vista Police Chief.

After leaving the San Diego Police Department, Bejarano went on to be a U.S. Marshall for the Southern District of California. However, he still had a passion for local law enforcement, so he took the job as chief of the Chula Vista Police Department.

Now, he’s passing the torch to Captain Roxana Kennedy. She’s going to be the first female police chief in Chula Vista history.

“It’s surreal, it really is. I mean when you think about it, I started 24-years ago as a patrol officer with this organization and to grow up in this organization and become the 24th police chief of Chula Vista, it’s amazing,” says Captain Roxana Kennedy.

Bejarano’s last day as chief is December 30th after that he’ll work as a consultant, travel and spend time with his grandkids.

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