Comic-Con purchases three facilities in Barrio Logan


SAN DIEGO – Comic-con brings tens of thousands of people to downtown San Diego every summer and now – it’s about to get even bigger.

We’re just learning comic-con organizers bought three buildings in Barrio Logan.

Let’s start with what we do know:  the properties Comic-Con purchased total about 18,000 square feet — that’s not quite big enough to host the entire convention, but it may be enough to keep the con based here in San Diego, for now.building1111

A multi-million dollar transaction that includes a warehouse and two office buildings in Barrio Logan is giving fans an even look into Comic-Con’s future in San Diego.

“It’s a good sign and shows a commitment to sanDiegoo. Their contract expires in 2018, and there will probably be discussions on renewals but this really shows a sign that they are really interested in remaining in San Diego,” said Miro Copic, professor of marketing, San Diego State University.

Comic-Con purchased the properties last spring for a little over $6 million.  The first two sit on the 1600 block of National Avenue surrounded by businesses and apartments.  The third is located in the 900 block of south 16th street next to the police department and in front of a future housing and retail development.

“There is a reason for them buying it, probably all things considered the real estate in Barrio Logan is still a good value in San Diego so, and it’s a good purchase for comic-con. It’s close to the convention center,” he said.

Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer says the organization plans to use all three facilities for office work and storage along some rented retail.  They also hope the space will accommodate the hundreds of people who work on the event each year.

“Comic-Con is the single most important convention in San Diego. It attracts over 125, 000 people a year. It’s economic impact is over a $150 million dollars in indirect and direct revenue to the overall San Diego county,” said Copic.

When we asked straight out if the real estate deal means Comic-Con is staying beyond 2018, Glanzer said, “We have always said we would like to remain in San Diego. However, the location of office space or headquarters does not necessarily have to be in the city where the event takes place.”

So, it looks like San Diego will be home to comic-con headquarters, even if the convention itself might one day move somewhere else.

Comic-Con officials also say having their office space and storage in the same location could make their operation much simpler.

Especially, now that it’s grown from one paid employee to 50-year round staff and hundreds of seasonal workers.

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