Community rallies behind local donut shop ahead of rival Krispy Kreme’s opening

CARMEL MOUNTAIN RANCH – Is the push to “buy local” strong enough to save a Carmel Mountain Ranch store? As we first told you back in May, a Krispy Kreme is set to open across the parking lot from a small, family run donut store.

In order to survive, marketing experts say Sesame Donuts needs to focus less on the new store located in front of it and more on what’s out its back door.

SDSU Marketing professor Miro Copic says winning this battle for business will be tough. In many cases chain stores can offer lower prices, but Copic says more important than price point is location and loyalty.

Sesame Donuts is located near a large neighborhood. A lot of local foot traffic moves through this area. Copic says that will help. And; Sesame Donuts has been in business close to 30 years. The mom-and-pop shop has earned the community’s loyalty.

The news of Sesame Donuts’ new rival has boosted business. Chin and Jennifer Kim have owned the business for close to 20 years. Regular and new customers have been flocking to the shop to support the Kim family. Business is up so much, the staff had to adjust it’s baking schedule to keep up with demand.

Of course Krispy Kreme has name recognition which could draw new customers to the area. The chain also has the ability to offer some big giveaways.

When Krispy Kreme officially opens on August 2, the first customers in line will receive free donuts for a year. The owners of Sesame Donuts are hopeful that won’t be enough to lure their existing customers across this parking lot.

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