Detrell (aka Mr. D): Friday’s Adoption Pet 3/24/17

Name:  Detrell (aka Mr. D)

Breed: Poodle/terrier mix

Age:  10 months old

Sex:  Neutered Male

Organization:  Animal Rescuers Without Borders

Phone: 619-977-3593



Today we’re not in search of an adopter as much as we are a temporary foster home for this cutie-pie. Detrell, also known as Mr. D, was rescued with his five siblings back in August.  All were adopted except Mr. D, because he’d developed pneumonia. After four months of treatment, he’s finally doing better.  You’d never know anything is wrong with him as he’s so active and happy, no matter what he’s doing…whether it’s resting in his crate, laying on his dog bed, or being in the yard playing non-stop with his dog friends.  He’s goofy, yet well-behaved, and perfect with cats, dogs, children, and adults. He can be fostered in a home with or without other dogs…there’s nothing contagious about him, but he won’t be up for adoption until he gets over this cough.  It usually hits him first thing in the morning, or after exercising.  He takes medicine twice a day, eats with his food bowl elevated, and his bed is angled slightly upward to prevent aspiration. The foster home he’s in right now has SIX dogs, so it’s impossible for Mr. D to get attention.  This 25-pound puppy needs someone to snuggle with.  So if you’d be willing to foster this puppy, or foster with the option of adopting, please go to or call 619-977-3593.


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