Dot: Friday’s Adoption Pet 07/01/16

Name: Dot
Breed: Domestic short-hair, white/black spotted cat
Age: 3 months old
Sex: Spayed female
Organization: The Rescue House
Phone: (760) 591-1211

Dot represents an entire litter of adoptable kittens who look very similar.  The black-and-white siblings, along with their black-and-white mom, were rescued from an overcrowded local shelter when they were very tiny. Thankfully there was a Rescue House foster family willing to help watch over the mom and her babies until they were healthy enough to be adopted.  The mischievous collective of loving, playful, curious kittens love toys and playing games. They think humans and other cats are awesome! Dot and her sister Susie are a little more independent, yet still demanding of attention and affection. They love the older cats in their foster home and would be happiest with a feline companion and playmate because they’ve never been alone,  With a proper introduction, all the kittens would probably be good with cat-friendly dogs. Families with gentle kids are also welcome to fill out an adoption app at, where you can find out about NEXT Saturday’s big cat and kitten adoption event at the Mission Gorge PETCO on July 9th from 11 AM to 3 PM.

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