Dylann Roof to see fate after killing 9 people in Charleston Church


Update [January 10th]

Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof should be sentenced to death, a federal jury found Tuesday.

The Confession

Dylann Roof was convicted on 33 federal charges and will be representing himself.

Roof confessed almost immediately to the massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, according to an FBI video shown Friday at his murder trial in Charleston, South Carolina.

“I went to that church in Charleston and I did it,” he said with a laugh.

“Did you shoot them?” a law enforcement officer asked.

“Yes,” Roof replied matter-of-factly, with another laugh.

The Dylann Roof’s Trial Coming to an End

January 4th, Dylann Roof was to go to trial for the decision of his fate. Will he receive the death penalty? Prosecutors seem to think he deserves it for the tragedy he caused.

“He killed nine people. … He killed them because of the color of their skin. He killed them because they were less than people,” Williams said.

22-year-old Roof seemed to have no emotion towards the thought of lethal injection. He had no words for the jury to spare him.

“My opening statement is going to seem a little bit out of place,” Roof said calmly as he delivered the brief remarks at a podium, occasionally glancing at notes. “I am not going to lie to you. … Other than the fact that I trust people that I shouldn’t and the fact that I’m probably better at constantly embarrassing myself than anyone who’s ever existed, there’s nothing wrong with me psychologically.”

Roof was worried that his legal team would present embarrassing information about him having mental health issues.

He chose to represent himself.

Roof had kept a journal as he was locked up six weeks after his arrest. Prosecutors read the journal to the jury. His hand-written words were:

“I remember how I felt when I did these things and how I knew I had to do something and then I realize it was worth it,” he wrote. “I would like to make it crystal clear. I do not regret what I did. I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed.”

38 people related to the shooting are planned to testify, one “being Jennifer Pinckney, the widow of Clementa Pinckney, a state senator and pastor at Emanuel AME” (Kinnard, Meg, AP News).




Roof does not want to call any witnesses or introduce evidence.

Info Credit: AP News


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