Foxy: Wednesday’s Adoption Pet 11/16/16

Name:  Foxy

Breed:  Pug

Age:  5 years old

Sex:  Spayed Female

Organization:  The Rescued Dog

Phone:  619-356-3390



Foxy, and her brother Butters are adorable Pugs available for adoption from The Rescued Dog.  They don’t have to be adopted together,  but until recently, they’d lived with each other their whole lives. Foxy’s a typical pug; sassy, spunky, and snorty. She’s about 5 years old, and perfect for a family looking for a dog beyond the puppy stage, but one who still has plenty of adventures ahead of her. She’s affectionate, cuddly, and loves to lay on her back in your arms.  She currently lives in a home with a male dog and she’s always by his side, however she can be a little bossy with other female pups. She rarely barks but snorts, grunts, and snores A LOT! Foxy is crate trained but would gladly sleep in bed with you. She’s a loving and loyal companion. Foxy likes to go on walks but she’s still trying to figure out what the leash is all about, and she’s pretty cautious about approaching strangers.  Foxy is working on some basic commands, and learning new tricks!  She’s especially eager to learn when it involves treats, but like most pugs, she has a bit of a short attention span. If you’re looking for a hilarious character join your life, please fill out an adoption application at

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