Gilly & Georgina: Monday’s Adoption Pet 08/07/16


Names: Gilly & Georgina

Breed: Domestic Short Hair Kittens

Age: 3.5 months old

Sex: Neutered Male (Black & white tuxedo) & Spayed Female (light gray tabby)

Organization:  The Rescue House

Phone: 760-591-1211



These kittens were brought to a vet in need of blood transfusions and other extreme measures to survive.  Thanks to around the clock care by a Rescue House foster family, all the kittens in the litter are now bouncy, happy, and healthy! They’re the sweetest kittens you’ll ever meet.  They were bottle fed babies, and therefore are completely bonded to humans.  They’re loving, playful, well-socialized, and love to pile into your lap.  Georgina had the roughest go: her tail turned necrotic from low blood supply and needed a partial amputation.  Her brother Gilly, named for the veterinarian who treated the litter, is a big boy for his age, and twice Georgina’s size!  Both of them scramble after laser lights and dangly toys.  They’re comfortable with other cats, small dogs, and older children.  They’ve already been through so much, now they need a safe, loving forever home.  Meet these kittens, their brothers and sisters, and countless other felines at the Rescue House Giant Cat & Kitten Adoption Fair this weekend starting at 10 a.m. both days, ending at 4 PM on Saturday and 3 PM on Sunday at the Petsmart off Aero Drive.  Go to for more information about the event and their available felines.

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