Gorilla incident at Cincinnati Zoo raises questions about safety measures at other zoos

The dramatic footage of a 450-pound gorilla dragging a 4-year-old boy like a rag doll at the Cincinnati Zoo has become an international sensation.

The incident resulted in the animals death.

It has zoo staff and patrons across the country asking could it happen here?

We checked out the gorilla habitat at San Diego’s Zoo.

Footage taken at one end of the viewing deck shows a gap in the fence that could become a possible point of entry for someone determined to get in.

The barriers don’t extend that far and the thin line of bamboo doesn’t seem like it would be much to keep anyone out.

“It’s not just children that have managed to make their way into enclosures…high profile cases where adults have jumped the fence and gotten into cages with animals,” said SDSU Business Lecturer, Wendy Patrick.

She also says there is a shared responsibility between zoo officials and patrons to keep everyone safe.

We sent zoo officials our footage of the questionable spot located at the gorilla’s exhibit.

So far, they have not commented on the security of the display.


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