Governor Jerry Brown in Coronado

(Coronado) Governor Jerry Brown was in Coronado Tuesday meeting with his counterparts from neighboring states. One of the big topics at the Western Governors Association is how the Trump administration will affect California and the rest of the

The democrats in the California legislature have a super majority in both the state assembly and senate. With a democratic governor, that puts them firmly in control and many are wondering if lawmakers will use that power to fight the incoming administration on policies they don’t agree with.

“In California, we’re going to fight to defend our rights and the well being of our citizens,” says Governor Jerry Brown, (D) California.

With democrats firmly in control of California, lawmakers can pass and enact laws immediately, and even override a Governor’s veto. However, Governor Brown doesn’t think things are going to change that much.

“They differ among themselves and it’s kind of the law of politics that the more your majority grows, the less solid the commitments are on the part of this expanded majority,” adds Governor Brown, “It’s going to be quite a task for the democratic leaders to coral all the votes.”

When Trump does take office, there’s a lot of worry about possible executive action – especially regarding immigration. Mostly having to do with deportations and a border wall.

“I don’t think we ought to infer too much from what we’ve heard so far,” says Governor Brown, “Cause what we’ve heard so far is on many topics and on many variations of the theme.”

Governor Brown isn’t sure what the state could do if the federal government sets an unpopular course, but he says things have a way of balancing themselves out at the federal level.

“I can tell you this, I’ve been a chief executive for a long time, the legislative branch is very powerful and so is the judicial branch and so is the greatest branch of all, the people,” according to Governor Brown.

Other topics on the governors’ agenda include the environment, the Affordable Healthcare Act and legalization of recreational marijuana.

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