Charlie: Monday’s Adoption Pet 12/05/16

Name:  Charlie
Breed:  Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix
Age:  5-years-old
Sex:  Neutered Male
Organization:   Holly’s Garden Small Breed Rescue
Phone:  858-274-2940


Charlie is a sweet, fun, cuddly male Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix who had a rough start in life. He’s just 5-years-old and came from a horrible hoarding situation resulting in the confiscation of 86 severely neglected dogs from just one house.  Charlie is good with other dogs, but he’s never been around cats, and he’d be best with children who are at least 8 years of age….no toddlers.  He’s fine on the leash, and great when it comes to taking a bath and being groomed.  He’s just 15-pounds and only has one eye, so if you’re looking for perfection, maybe he’s not the guy for you…but if you’re looking for a dog to love, and a great companion who will love you back, then maybe you should give him a chance.  His remaining eye is also light sensitive, so when you take him out for walks, he will need sunglasses or “doggles”, which really only makes him look a little bit cooler!  If you’d like to meet Charlie, please contact Holly’s Garden Small Breed Rescue at 858-274-29-40 or fill out an application at   hollysgardencharlie

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