Henry: Friday’s Adoption Pet 02/25/16

Name:  Henry

Breed:  Checkerd Giant Mix Rabbit

Age:  9 months old

Sex:  Neutered Male

Organization:  San Diego Companion Rabbit Society, 4807 Mercury St. Kearny Mesa

Phone:  858-565-2869

Web:  SanDiegoRabbits.org


Henry is a handsome young guy who was found as a stray, and turned over to the San Diego Companion Rabbit Society.  He’s going to be a big boy when he’s full grown.  He’s about 8-to-10 months old, super active, friendly and easy going.  He was recently neutered and is learning to use his litter box.  He loves to jump up and down from his cardboard box and run circles in his X-pen.  When out for play-time, he’s very active and runs laps around the room.

Henry would make a great family bunny or perhaps a friend to your bunny girl, though he might still be too hormonal at this time.  He’s definitely a fun guy and will be a special part of someone’s family.

To adopt, visit SanDiegoRabbits.org and complete the online Adopter Profile.  If you’re new to house rabbits, or if you and your family would liike to learn more about bunny care, come to a Bunny 101 class prior to adopting!

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