June Bug: Friday’s Adoption Pet



Name:  June Bug
Breed:  Maltese/Terrier Mix
Age:     10-11 months of age
Sex:  Spayed Female
Organization:   Maltese Rescue California
Phone:  (760) 315-8770
Website: MalteseRescueCalifornia.org


June Bug was hit by a car, and thankfully, a witness scooped her up and took her to a nearby fire station, who then called for Animal Control.  Since her owners never came to claim her, Maltese Rescue California was allowed to pull her from the shelter.  She was limping and not bearing weight on her front leg, and X-rays failed to show any fractures.  So she was given pain and anti-inflammatory medications, and soon she was walking on all four legs without any sign of discomfort. June Bug was examined by another vet and given a clean bill of health, and now that she’s spayed, vaccinated and microchipped, she’s ready for a loving family.  This little Maltese mix puppy is full of life…happy, loving and eager to learn.  She’d be great in a family with children, and can spend hours playing with other dogs.  Because of her energy level, another canine companion is strongly recommended to keep her occupied.  She’s pretty much house trained but still needs some guidance, and she barks like a tough guy when strangers approach her people.  Go to MalteseRescueCalifornia.org to find out more about adopting June Bug and coming to this weekend’s adoption event.

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