Knowing when and where to shop for “back to school” can save big bucks

CLAIREMONT MESA –  From classroom supplies, to clothes, to shoes, going back to school can add up. You can save some cash if you know when and where to shop.

San Diego State University marketing expert Miro Copic says when it comes to clothing, your best bet  is the department store. Copic says Macy’s and Kohl’s are very aggressive and are offering huge discounts.

You can get more for less at a department store than a discount store.  If you need a tablet or computer where to go can vary. Online is always a good place to start, but electronic chains offer great sales this time of year too.

Copic says if you haven’t started back to school shopping now is the time to pull out your wallet. Back to school is the second biggest sales season for retailers. The holiday season racks in the most cash, but unlike the holidays Copic says retailers only cut prices on necessity items.

You will find deals on the things kids need like basic school supplies, and socks, underwear, and shoes. Copic says don’t expect to save on toys or games. They won’t be on sale until close to Christmas.

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