Leo: Friday’s Adoption Pet 08/05/16

Name: Leo
Breed: Cat – Domestic Medium Hair
Age: 3-4 Month old kitten
Sex: Male

Organization: SENA Animal Rescue
Phone: 858-408-5658
Website: www.senarrescue.org


Leo was only 5-to-6 weeks old when he was found.  His hind legs were paralyzed, and he was weak and bony.  Sena Animal Rescue took him to a hospital where he remained for 2 weeks.   The vet thought he had a fracture in his spine and said he would never regain control over his legs, bladder or bowels. But Leo was a fighter.  He was SO happy, loving and playful, and didn’t seem to be in pain. So SENA put him in a foster home, and to everyone’s surprise, he started using his legs just a few days later. Now Leo is 3- 4 months old, and he runs and climbs like a ninja, plays like there’s no tomorrow, bullies other cats, plays with the dogs, purrs like a train, and uses a litter box. He legs still split apart on slippery flooring…but he’s building strength, and gets around fine. His recovery has been miraculous!   Leo deserves to live a long happy life, with a FOREVER family to look out for him. His adoption fee includes neuter, vaccinations and microchip, and amounts only to a fraction of his vet expenses.  In fact, to raise money to cover his bills, Sena Animal Rescue is hosting an event at the Pesto Italian Craft Kitchen, August 21st from Noon and 5 p.m. 15% of the proceeds will be donated to SENA.  If you appreciate what they do, please come to the event!  Head to SenaRescue.org for more info.

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