Local 14 year-old recycles school supplies for students in need

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David Wiseley isn’t the typical 14 year-old.

“It feels great knowing I’m helping to make a difference in someone else’s life,” Wiseley smiled.

As he walked the halls of The Children’s School in La Jolla two years ago, Wiseley noticed loads of unused school supplies piling up in the trash bins at the end of the year.  He thought of a solution, which started as a school project.  Wiseley took it a step further and created it into a program.

“So two years ago, I created TOSS; it stands for ‘tools organize successful students,” Wiseley said.

With a little help from a few mentors and the Associated Student Body, Wiseley began collecting unused school supplies for students who did without.  His first stop was Monarch School in Barrio Logan Monday.  The school is made up of 300 homeless students, who go without the bare necessities, and still have to focus on getting a solid education. 

Katie Bradel, Volunteer Coordinator for Monarch School, said their education system depends on donations, like those from Wiseley.

“These kids come and might need other supplies and other support to get them in their seat, ready to learn,” Bradel explained.

In order to reach even more students in need, Wiseley wants to go beyond recycling school supplies.  The 14 year-old hopes to connect with office supply stores, to expand the giving.

“In the future, we hope to fill up this whole room with school supplies,” Wiseley grinned.

It’s a gesture that is very much appreciated across San Diego.

“Thank you to David, so much, for spending his time and energy to support our school,” Bradel said.

“I always feel great when I deliver supplies,” Wiseley said.

This year, Willow Grove Elementary, They Children’s School, Solana Highlands, and Black Mountain Middle School all donated supplies to the TOSS program.  School recipients include Monarch School, Jefferson Elementary, and Johnson Elementary.

If you’d like to get your school involved, or on how to find out on more ways you can help, click here: www.tossforall.org

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