Local group informs people crossing border into the U.S. about their rights

(San Ysidro) People who cross the U.S.- Mexico border to shop in San Ysidro or visit family in the area say they’re living in fear. They say it’s because of President-Elect Donald Trump and his promise to crack down on immigration.boder-crossers

To ease those fears, “American Friends Service Committee” passed out information informing people crossing the border from Mexico about their rights.

Volunteers say people visiting the U.S. to shop or visit have three main rights: to be treated with dignity and respect, if they’re detained,  they need to be told why, and they can denounce any sort of mistreatment by American authorities.

“They feel anxious and we find that sometimes when they have information about what their rights are, that sort of eases their sentiments,” says Pedro Rios, Director of “American Friends Service Committee”, “Our hope is that people will feel at ease when they’re crossing the port of entry and when their interacting with the authorities of immigration.”

People who are using the pedestrian crossing have passports or other documentation allowing them be in the country legally for a certain amount of time. So, they cannot be arrested and deported.

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