Lulu: Monday’s Adoption Pet 10/24/16

Name:  Lulu

Breed:  Poodle

Age:  14 years old

Sex:  Spayed Female

Organization:  Animal Rescuers Without Borders

Phone:  619-977-3593



Lulu is a 14-year-old purebred apricot Poodle who wound up at a county shelter after being found as a very emaciated and neglected stray.  Animal Rescuers Without Borders recognized that a Senior dog like Lulu, who has been diagnosed with cataracts and can only see shadows, would have very little chance of ever being adopted from the shelter.  They pulled her out, cleaned her up, got her teeth cleaned, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped her, and now they’re looking for a long-term foster, or a forever family who could love her for the rest of her life.  Once she gets to know her house, she does VERY well getting around, and even navigating the stairs and yard.  She’s great with other dogs, cats and children.  She’s even good in her crate and travels well in the car.  Mostly she loves being a lap dog, and is very sweet, friendly and sociable.  Because she’s just 13-pounds, she’ll live much longer than a larger dog, and according to her healthy blood panel, she’s still got a nice life ahead of her.  It’s also very possible that cataract surgery could reverse her blindness, but the rescue just doesn’t have the $4,000 to pay for the surgery.  If you’re interested in filling out an adoption or foster application, please go to, or email

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