Max: Friday’s Adoption Pet 04/15/16

Name:  Max

Breed:  Greyhound

Age:  3 years old

Sex:  Neutered Male

Organization:  Greyhound Adoption Center, 4821 Dehesa Rd in El Cajon

Phone:  1-800-HoundSavers



April is National Adopt-A-Greyhound Month, so we’re introducing Max, a 3-year-old retired Greyhound from the Greyhound Adoption Center.  He arrived from a racetrack in February with eight other Greyhounds.  Max can’t live with a cat, but he is dog friendly.  He’s an all-around good guy…happy, playful and will make a wonderful companion for an active family with children of all ages.  Before putting the dogs up for adoption, the Center does a complete medical and temperament evaluation, they alter, vaccinate, microchip and clean the teeth of all their greyhounds.  They’re also tested with cats, small dogs and young children.  Please come out and meet Max and 45 other adoptable dogs this Sunday at the Greyhound Adoption Center’s Open House.  Tour their facility on Dehesa Rd in El Cajon from 1-to-3 PM and learn more about greyhound rescue, rehab, adoption and volunteer opportunities. Call 877-HoundSavers, or visit

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