Maya, Oso, Sweet Pea & Gidget: Friday’s Adoption Pet 10/14/16

Name: Maya

Breed:  Pocket Pittie

Age:  6 months old and representing puppy group

Sex:  Spayed Female

Name:  Oso

Breed:  Pomeranian/Spitz

Age:  9-years-old

Sex;  Neutered Male
Name:  Sweet Pea

Breed:  Retriever mix

Age:  3 or 4 years old

Sex:  Spayed Female


Name:  Gidget

Breed:  Schnauzer/Border Terrier

Age:  10-months-old

Sex:  Spayed Female


Organization:  Animal Rescuers Without Borders


Phone:  619-977-3593


This is just a small pack of dogs attending the MEGA Adoption event this weekend. Maya the pocket-Pittie is representing the puppy group that will be coming to the event.  She’s just 6-months old, 25-pounds and loves everyone and everything.  Oso is a 9-year-old Pomeranian Spitz mix, and he’s an example of all the senior dogs who will be there.  A lot less work than a puppy, and he, too, loves everyone and everything.  At 55-pounds, Sweet Pea is just barely making it as a representative for the big dogs.  She’s a family-friendly black lab mix.  And finally, Gidget, the 10-month-old Schnauzer Terrier mix with the wirey hair is an example of the many adorable all-american mutts who will be available for adoption.  All of these dogs will be at the Animal Rescuers Without Borders booth, and you don’t have to wait ’til Saturday to fill out an application.  Go to then come to Howl-O-Ween Hounds THIS SATURDAY at Grossmont Center in La Mesa, from 11 to 3.  There’s no place else to be if you’re looking for a new member of the family!

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