Mayka: Tuesday’s Adoption Pet 11/22/16

Name:  Mayka

Breed:  Chiweenie

Age:  2 years old

Sex;  Spayed Female

Organization:  Animal Rescuers Without Borders

Phone:  619-977-3593



Mayka is a Chihuahua Dachshund mix, or Chiweenie, as the breeders of so-called Designer Dogs would call her.  She’s 2-years-old and full-grown at just 10-pounds.  Mayka is great with people of all ages, that includes children.  She also gets along with other dogs and cats in her foster home.  She’s good in the car, walks well on a leash, and she’s crate-trained.  Mayka was rescued from the streets of Mexico along with her babies who have all been adopted.  Now it’s her turn for happiness.  Mayka is energetic, but not crazy, and she’s very friendly and sweet.  Her biggest weakness is food, therefore she needs a family who won’t indulge her too much, and let her get fat.  If she does con you out of too many treats, it would be good if her new family would keep her active….maybe by taking her to play regularly at the off-leash dog parks.  Mayka would love to be part of a big family with kids, or with a retired couple who will adore her and shower her with affection.  Contact Animal Rescuers Without Borders at for more details, and to find out about upcoming adoption events where you can meet all their adoptable dogs.

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