Mila: Tuesday’s Adoption Pet 08/23/16

Name:  Mila

Breed:  Pit Bull

Age:  3 years old

Sex:  Spayed Female

Organization:  San Diego Department of Animal Control, 5821 Sweetwater Rd. in Bonita


Phone:  619-767-2675


Always smiling, always happy Mila is a 3-year old, 50-pound Pit Bull who has been at the animal shelter in Bonita for A YEAR!  She hasn’t always been such a pretty Pitty, as she arrived at the shelter weighing an emaciated 20-pounds.  She gained weight rapidly…13-pounds in the first 10 days…and is now a bit of a chunky monkey.  She’s smart, trainable, and will do anything for a treat!  Mila is a volunteer favorite, and her kennel card is covered in notes like “My girl,” “Love her,” and “Gives the best kisses.”  She has met many adults and children at adoption events, and has loved them all…she’s all about people.  Mila is quiet, playful, respectful, leash-trained, and rides nicely in the car.  She enjoys playing with her toys, especially squeakies, as well as belly rubs and splashing in kiddie pools. Mila needs to be a solo dog, as she doesn’t do well with other animals, but not everyone is cut out for multiple animals in one house. Sometimes, one dog is all it takes!  Mila comes spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and will go home with a gift basket of supplies and goodies…and YOU get to decide her adoption fee.  The San Diego County Shelter is located at 5821 Sweetwater Road in Bonita, with literally hundreds of animals for adoption!

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