Milo: Friday’s Adoption Pet 05/20/16

Name:  Milo

Breed:  Mini Lop Rabbit

Age:  8-month-old

Sex:  Neutered Male

Weight: 4.5 pounds

Organization: San Diego House Rabbit Society, 4807 Mercury St. Kearny Mesa

Phone: 858-565-2869


Little Milo is a handsome Mini Lop boy, just 8-months of age. He was found in a San Diego neighborhood and taken in by a nice family who understood that bunnies shouldn’t be outside on their own. They looked for his owners, but no one ever stepped up to claim him, so they turned him over to the San Diego House Rabbit Society.  Milo is a sweet guy; alternately mellow and sleepy, then active and playful. He loves attention and being pet, but doesn’t like being picked up and held. Milo has been neutered and is now really good with his litter box. He loves toys, playing on cardboard boxes, and eating salad.  He’s definitely liking the “house rabbit” lifestyle!  Milo is best suited to an adult home or one with children over 8 years old. He’s fine with cats, but may be uncomfortable around dogs.  Visit to complete the online application.  You may want to attend a Bunny 101 class prior to adopting…in fact, even if you just want to learn more, you or your family members are welcome to attend classes or participate in other bunny-related activities.

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