Milo: Monday’s Adoption Pet 06/27/16

Name: Milo
Breed: Blue and White Pit Bull
Age: 2 years old
Sex: neutered male
Organization: San Diego Dept of Animal Control, South Shelter in Bonita
Phone: 619-767-2675


Check out this handsome blue and white Pittie.  Milo is comfortable in a crowd at adoption events, has a warm personality, solicits attention, and he’s friendly with everyone he meets.  He loves belly rubs and will roll around on his back with a toy, amusing himself, and returning his toy when he’s ready for it to be tossed.  He just wants to be near people and will lean against you for a head scratch.  He’s respectful of space and won’t knock you over.  Out of his kennel he’s a happy goofball. He’s done well with other dogs at the shelter and adoption events, making him an ideal Pit Bull Ambassador, He’s also good in the car!  Milo has been available for adoption at the Department of Animal Control’s south shelter, in Bonita, for MONTHS! But there are just so many wonderful dogs there, that he has a lot of competition. Milo’s adoption fee of $69 includes vaccinations, license, and microchip. So many people are rooting for this guy today and hoping this will be his big break to find a loving forever family of his own. Please help us spread the word.

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