Murray: Tuesday’s Adoption Pet 06/07/16

Name:  Murray
Breed:   Chihuahua
Age:     8 years old
Sex:     neutered male
Organization:  Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego
Phone:   858-277-3557


So many older dogs, just like this little laid back guy named Murray, are ending up in shelters and rescues with very little chance of being adopted, for no other reason than their age.  So Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego has implemented a new program called  SILVER LININGS, matching senior dogs, with senior citizens.  Many older folks are on fixed incomes and feel they can’t afford the possible medical expenses of an older dog, and therefore, they miss out on the health benefits and companionship of having a loyal best friend,  Chihuahua Rescue is placing these older dogs with senior citizens, with the promise to cover any necessary expenses that may come up in the future.  It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone, senior dogs and people alike! Murray is one of the dogs eligible for this program.  He’s a 5-pound, 8-year-old Chihuahua.  For more info on this amazing program, e-mail go to their website, or leave us a message on their voicemail.  The group will also be attending Fido Fest in Santee this Saturday June 11th from 9-to-1 PM  at 550 Park Center Drive.

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