Nana: Friday’s Adoption Pet 2/24/17

Name:    Nana

Breed:    Aussie/Akita

Age:    3 years old

Sex:    Spayed Female

Organization:     No Wagging Tail Left Behind

Phone:     858-442-6585


Nana is a 3-year-old, Aussie/Akita mix. Her previous family had too many dogs, and had to relinquish a few. Nana’s now with a San Diego family until her forever home can be found.  Nana has a lot of energy and enjoys hiking, dog beach, and dog parks. She’ll need regular exercise, as she could stand to lose a few pounds.  While she’s super submissive to her foster mom, she sometimes acts a little bossy around other dogs, however, she has great recall, and stops when corrected.  Nana will be fine as an only dog because she loves humans and enjoys playing with her stuffy toys.  Nana quickly learns the house rules, she’s completely housebroken, and not a barker.  She’s crate trained but prefers lounging on the couch. She’ll shed, but regular brushing keeps her hair under control. Nana is a bit of a counter-surfer, and doesn’t like to share her meals.  She tends to guard her food, but she’s starting to realize she doesn’t need to be protective anymore.  Nana hasn’t been tested yet with cats or small children, but she’s an excellent dog, overall, and we think she’ll adjust nicely to family life. Contact No Wagging Tail Left Behind at to fill out an application for Nana.


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