Oceanside ordinance bans sale and display of synthetic drugs

OCEANSIDE – The City of Oceanside taking extraordinary measures to stop the sale and use of synthetic drugs.

Wednesday the City Council voted unanimously to ban not only the sale and possession of synthetic drugs like spice and bath salts, but also their display in any store.

Under current state law only 5 chemicals or compounds used to make synthetic drugs are illegal.

The Oceanside ordinance includes hundreds of others. Unlike any state law this ban also covers the drugs packaging which is typically marketed towards kids.

At first glance they look harmless, small brightly colored packages and bottles labeled as incense, potpourri and bath salts, but inside, a deadly drug.

And it’s legal, California law only covers 5 of the chemicals and compounds used to make synthetic drugs. Capture

Drugs makers have discovered hundreds of others and hundreds of stores willing to sell them.

Institute for public strategies Prevention Specialist William Perno says the new Oceanside ordinance will prevent kids from using these dangerous drugs because unlike any other law, it makes hundreds of chemicals illegal and even if the drug dealers up with a new chemical not covered under the ban it also includes packaging that’s mislabeled.

So if there isn’t any incense, it’s illegal in Oceanside.

Here’s how you tell the difference: First price for synthetic bath salts are expensive compared to the real bath salts, a large package of bath salts is about 5-dollars.

Synthetics are 20 for one ounce, the other giveaways are found in the fine print or rather what’s missing from it.

The new Oceanside ordinance will be read in at the next council meeting.

The ban will  take affect 30 days after that. In the meantime police will be notifying the stores that sell these products and putting them on notice.

The fines are steep- any retailer caught displaying for selling these drugs will pay a 500 fine for each package.

Of course police and health officials are also asking parents to talk to their kids about synthetic drugs and to take a closer look at what they believe is potpourri or bath salts.

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