Oroville evacuees return home to find homes burglarized

A hazardous situation developed with the Oroville Dam emergency spillway. Officials feared that because of severe erosion and massive amounts of water sending downstream, the structure would fail.

On Sunday, February 12th there was an immediate evacuation of about 188,000 residents in the low levels of Oroville near the site of the Auxiliary Spillway at Oroville Dam.

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When it was safe for the evacuees to pack-up and head on home, at least 10 families walked into their homes shocked.

One family returned home to find that their most prized possessions were stolen. A U.S. Army veteran, Mike Pomeroy, had more than two dozen medals stolen, including his purple heart. They were given to him for heroism when he served as a medic in Vietnam.

Pomeroy was planning to pass those medals down to his family so “they can sort out what grandpa did and didn’t do.”

Devastated, Pomeroy said, “It was a traumatic part of my life… and I know I did not stand around to get them.”

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