Orphanage for Syrian refugees to be built in San Diego

SAN DIEGO — As the United States prepares to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year, there’s a new effort to help bring some of them to San Diego.

Leaders with the Minority Humanitarian Foundation are working to protect religious minorities in the Middle East from ISIS.
The Minority Humanitarian Foundation wants to provide a safe haven for Syrian families, especially the hundreds of children who have already fled their home country.
Inside the Syriac Catholic Church in El Cajon, parishioners are gathering and as they prepare for worship, they are thinking about the many men, women and children in the Middle East.
“We are facing a kind of tsunami that puts everything and a lot of people in that region, in very bad shape,” said Ignatius Youssef III Younan, patriarch of Antioch for Syriac Catholic Church.
Younan wants powerful countries like the U.S. to take position, be kind, responsible and positive towards helping families in the Middle East get rid of terrorists that continue to threaten them.
“This is to remind us that you have a lot of tragic situation because of the sectarian war and especially because of those terrorist, fanatics,” he said.
Leaders with the minority humanitarian foundation are working to build an orphanage right here in San Diego.  The facility would be for Syrian refugee children, who they say will face overwhelming obstacles as they resettle.
“We promised the families and the children, that they have family in America and we will bring them over here, give them a home, given them food, take them to school and adopt them,” said Mark Arabo, president of the Minority Humanitarian Foundation.
A photo of a three-year-old Syrian boy whose body washed ashore on a beach in turkey sparked outrage around the world.  It also prompted demand for more aid and also inspired many Middle Eastern Catholics in
San Diego to stand up for the more than 70,000 refugees, 42,000 of which are children.
“There is no difference between the kids over there, that are displaced, and our children. We have to save them, “said Arabo.
Leaders with the minority humanitarian foundation tell us their immediate goal is to begin fundraising for the orphanage.
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