Plan to increase housing and create jobs during revitalization project in San Ysidro

SAN YSIDRO – Hundreds of acres in the south bay are scheduled to be rezoned as city leaders prepare for the future with the environment, the economy and affordable housing in mind.

The San Ysidro community plan, which was recently approved, opens the door for new businesses and jobs to move in.

More than 32% of the people who live in San Ysidro are under the age of 18 and this plan could help the community shed its image as a low-income area that lacks quality housing and jobs.

Over the next thirty years city leaders will focus on revitalizing San Ysidro.

“It’s really exciting. It’s taken a long term vision of a community that really needs desperate attention, that people feel really neglected over the course of years and we’re finally focusing on what our vision is for that part of San Diego,” said City Councilmember David Alvarez.

The plan is to transform the area into a vibrant commercial and residential community with multi-story housing along the trolley line.

It calls for more parks and rezoning hundreds of acres to attract new businesses and help create new jobs.

The change sets the fees the city will charge developers to pay for infrastructure projects.

City leaders tells us with the new plan the number of housing units in San Ysidro would increase by more than 31%.

“We should be doing this in every community in San Diego so people can have a place to live. We’re taking the lead in San Ysidro, increasing it by a third. That is huge and it is what we need in order to be successful as a city, as a region, we need to increase our housing supply,” he said.

It’s been 27 years since the city of San Diego thought about what they wanted to see in this southern community.  San Ysidro is one of the oldest communities in San Diego. Councilmember Alvarez says San Ysidro is the first community in San Diego to be updated.

He says within the next five years we will start to see some change here, but planning and seeing how they can bring in development starts right now.

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Photo Credit: HousingWire

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