Posting your resume online could land you a scam

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January 2016 (SAN DIEGO, CA) – The dynamics of the job market are continuously shifting, and while job seekers on are the hunt for the New Year, it is important that they avoid additional stress from job scams.  Prime targets of these scams are adolescents, young adults, stay at home parents and retirees.

“I posted my resume on Zip Recruiter and applied for a job at a healthcare company but while I was completing the application, I noticed the questions they asked seemed irrelevant to the position” informed Camilo Hernandez, a job seeker in San Diego.  “The company got back to me but their email was awkwardly written, asking me to have a video conference to which I agreed.”

Camilo stated that when he went to complete the video interview, an error message hindered him from communicating with the interviewer.  Later, the employer demanded he send his personal information to continue the job application or he would no longer be considered.  Camilo refused. He had also noticed the position they were offering was no longer under the same title.

Posting your resume excessively on job boards will facilitate the process for con artists to steal your identity.  The BBB recommends always tracking where you’ve posted your resume and using an email address designated for job hunting.  It is also imperative to limit the amount of personal information you provide about yourself, in addition to the individuals you reference.


If you are unsure of whether a job application or offer is a scam or not, the BBB suggests asking yourself these questions:


Does the joblisting contain the hiring company’s name?

Do you need to pay to be able to complete the jobe. buy supplies?

Is the company asking for your social security number to apply for a job?

Does the language used in the posting sound unprofessional or strange?

Does the jobsound just too good to be true?


San Diego’s unemployment rate stood at 4.8% in 2016 and con artists will continue seeking the vulnerabilities of the unemployed.  For more information or to file a complaint against a company, visit

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