Radar: Wednesday’s Adoption Pet 08/17/16

Name:  Radar

Breed:  Belgian Malinois Shepherd/Hound

Age:  16 week old puppy

Sex:  Neutered Male

Organization:  The Rescued Dog

Phone:  619-356-3390

Website: TheRescuedDog.org


If you’ve been looking for a friend who’s a good listener, Radar is all ears!  This Belgian Malinois Shepherd/Hound mix is just 4 months old, and weighed 15-pounds at of the beginning of August. His foster mom tells us that he has a perfect mix of fun energy, and gentleness. He’s crate-trained and house-trained. With his good nature, and always-wanting-to-please attitude, he’ll truly excel with a little training. He already has some of the basic commands under his belt, such as “come”, “sit”, “down”, and “leave it”.  Radar is calm, confident, and almost human in his intelligence with a high ability to learn. He’d LOVE a family with young children. He’d also appreciate another canine companion, although he’d be okay as a solo dog as long as he gets lots of social time, maybe at the off-leash dog parks. Radar loves to be mentally stimulated with different toys and outdoor games to keep him occupied. Don’t miss your chance to meet this perfect mix of playful, loving puppy and happy, mellow, old soul.  Please fill out an application at TheRescuedDog.org and an adoption coordinator will be in touch to schedule a meet and greet, and get more info about their upcoming adoption and fundraising events.

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