Reaction from Alfred Olango’s family to Dumanis announcement is swift

Family says D.A. ignored facts of the case. They're proceeding with a civil suit against El Cajon officer

Reaction from Alfred Olango’s family came quickly after the District Attorney’s clearing of the officer who shot Olango. And the lawyer representing Olango’s sister also had a sharp reaction to Dumanis’ announcement. The news did not sit well with the family.

At a Tuesday news conference, Dumanis played video from a few different angles of the Olango shooting. The video freezes at the moment the shooting happens. The District Attorney said the video, along with witness interviews, is what led her to her decision to clear El Cajon Officer Richard Gonsalves of any wrongdoing. But the family of Olango and a lawyer representing his sister have also seen the video and they come to different conclusions. This is what Alfred Olango’s father had to say at a news conference late Tuesday afternoon.

“War has been declared on humanity and a battle line has been drawn. We are going to fight and we are going to move forward and advance forward. We are not going to move any step backward. If our advancement forward will cost us our life, it will cost us our life,” said Richard Olango.

Attorney Dan Gilleon is representing Alfred Olango’s sister Lucy. He released a statement that said in part: “Anyone with any police procedures experience knows Officer Gonsalves, who himself was mentally unfit to be responding to a 5150 call, *adlib* escalated a situation that demanded de-escalation. He provoked and terrified a man he knew was having a mental breakdown. The DA was careful to dodge the issue of the first 49.9 minutes of Olango’s life, *Adlib* and focused on the last few seconds. She dodged the policies and procedures for handling 5150 calls. She did this because she knew Officer Gonsalves was negligent and that his negligence resulted in Alfred Olango’s death.”

When Gilleon said Officer Gonsalves was mentally unfit to be responding to that type of call, we believe he is referring to a situation within El Cajon P.D. where Gonsalves was accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a fellow officer who is female. People that disagree with the D.A.’s decision are scheduled to hold a protest march and rally this coming Monday, which is Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

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