Ron Fleasley & Tom Meowdle: Monday’s Adoption Pet 06/20/16

Name:  Ron Fleasley & Tom Meowdle

Breed: Short-haired Grey Tabby

Age: 3 month old kittens

Sex: neutered males

Organization: The Rescue House

Phone: (760) 591-1211



These kittens were found alone at an office in North Park when they were only 3 weeks old, and too young to eat on their own.  Some kind people tried to care for them initially, but didn’t realize the intense care they needed at that age. They were moved into the Rescue House foster program with an experienced bottle-feeder, and soon began to thrive! Named after Harry Potter characters, these adorable, super sweet kittens purr as soon as you pick them up. They love to play and wrestle with all kinds of toys. Tom Meowdle loves toy mice and will growl if anyone gets too close when he’s holding his mouse.  After playing hard, he likes to snuggle up on a blanket with his brother, Ron Fleasley. They’ve never spent a day alone, and ideally they’d be adopted together or into a home with another friendly cat. They may even be okay with dogs and they’re comfortable with children who know how to hold them properly. If you’d like to meet these charmers, and let them cast a spell on you, go to to fill out an application, or to find out about their many adoption centers around the county.

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