Sage: Wednesday’s Adoption Pet 12/21/16

Name:  Sage

Breed:  Beagle/Spaniel mix

Age:  1 year old

Sex:  Spayed Female

Organization:  The Rescued Dog

Phone:  619-356-3390



When The Rescued Dog rescued Sage last August, they didn’t know they were actually saving Sage AND her 7 puppies-to-be!  That’s right, this petite little beauty gave birth to 7 puppies in October.  She was less than 12-months-old when she gave birth, meaning she was really just a puppy herself.   She’s been a great mom, and all her adorable pups have been adopted, but now it’s her turn!  Sage is a little more than a year old now, and is ready for a second chance at life with a forever family.  She’s a little inexperienced in the ways of the world, but she’s naturally fun and affectionate.  She’s not at all shy about asking for belly rubs and kisses.  Sage has a sweet temperament and gets along great with dogs, cats, and humans, including children.  Sage has had just a little training since she came to the rescued dog, and she’d love to continue learning how to sit, heel, and follow other commands.  Sage is a petite size, weighing in at just 20-pounds.  If you’d like to give this little Beagle/Spaniel mix a home for the holidays, and beyond, please go to and fill out an application so that you can meet Sage right away, and find out if she’s the perfect match for your family!


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