San Diego charity supports special orphanage in Ensenada

International Relief Teams helps Kids Kingdom help abandoned and abused children

This Tuesday was “Giving Tuesday”, a chance for all of us to recover from Black Friday and Cyber Monday by paying it forward. One way to help is to support International Relief Teams, a San Diego charity that supports a number of good causes, including one very special place in Ensenada.

Many CW6 viewers are familiar with International Relief Teams, or IRT primarily for their efforts in helping people deal with natural disasters both here in the U.S. and around the world. But his project of theirs is different; this is about rescuing children who’ve been abandoned and bused by their families and by society in general.

You’d never know it from looking at these beautiful, happy little faces that these children, all 40-of them at Kids Kingdom in Ensenada, were rescued from the most awful of circumstances.

“These kids come really off the streets and they arrive at Kids Kingdom. They’ve been abused, they’ve been abandoned,” said IRT Director of Development Paula Kelly.

The children range in age from five all the way up to 18. When they arrive at Kids Kingdom, the are enveloped in love.

“Kids Kingdom is more than an orphanage. It’s really a home for these kids and you feel that the moment you walk on the campus of that school,” Kelly said.

Kids Kingdom provides everything for these children. It gives them a clean, safe place to live. It feeds them. It provides a well-rounded education, including the arts; they often put on shows for visitors. A significant portion of all of it is paid for by IRT. “We provide the education and the daily meals for those kids,” Kelly said.

Kids Kingdom never gives up on their children, and Paula Kelly said the success stories are too many to count.

“Rosalina is a darling little girl that came to Kids Kingdom with Ricketts and now, and couldn’t even walk on her own without crutches. Now she can walk on her own. She’s a teacher and she’s giving back to the community,” Kelly said.

IRT spends $36,000 a year to help Kids Kingdom. That works out to less than a thousand dollars per child.

“They’re taught all of the sort of basic values that you would learn in a home and they’re taught to be responsible citizens and go on to lead productive lives,” Kelly said.

If you’re thinking about giving to IRT, here’s a link to them: You should know they are a four-star Navigator rated charity. That’s the highest rating Navigator gives and it’s an honor they’ve held for 13-years in a row. They’re the only San Diego charity that can say that. Part of the reason for that is 98% if every dollar donated goes directly to the programs IRT supports.



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